RentCast Review 2024

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RentCast Review

With the help of our in-house editorial team, our platform’s members and external subject matter experts, this comprehensive review of RentCast real estate software became possible and available for free to those considering this solution!

In this review we evaluated RentCast’s features, plans, pricing and other important aspects to help our readers make a more educated purchase decision.

All the customer reviews and ratings on this page have been submitted by our platform’s members who either currently use or used to use the reviewed product/service in the past. We never receive any compensation for the inclusion of products and/or services in our product/service reviews. However, by visiting retailer/manufacturer of the reviewed product/service by clicking links within our content may earn us commissions from your purchases. Read our editorial guidelines to learn more about our review and rating process.

— Kimberly Anderson, Senior Creative Editor at Real Estate Bees

What Is RentCast?

RentCast is a cloud-based real estate solution built to help investors and property managers grow, track, and optimize their rental property portfolios.

By using RentCast, investors and property managers can get actionable data for rental properties nearby and nationwide and discover new investment opportunities.

As a rental property analyzer, the platform also lets investors track rent history and patterns within an area to help them make more informed investment decisions.

At the moment, RentCast is a web app that can only be accessed via a browser; there is no RentCast app for mobile devices.



What Is RentCast Used For?

RentCast can be a great solution for aspiring and small-scale landlords and property managers. You can quickly analyze markets from real-time, up-to-date data.

The following are ways you can utilize the platform:

  • Rental property lookup — RentCast users can search for rental properties across the US by address. Besides bringing up the searched property, the platform also provides insights into similar units around the area.
  • Property rent estimate — RentCast provides accurate rent estimates for properties within a specified area based on the property size, number of rooms, and other features.
  • Nearby rental comps — The platform lets investors run rental comps for similar properties nearby and compare rent, features, and location.
  • Local rental trends — By using RentCast, users can track rental trends for different types of properties, including apartments, single-family homes, townhouses, and others. The trends help investors understand the local market and set the right rent amounts for their rental units.
  • Professional reporting — Users can generate various property reports, customize them with company logos and branding, download the reports, and share them.
  • Real-time rent alerts — The platform allows you to set rent alerts that notify you when it’s time to increase your rent based on the market trends.
  • Market updates — RentCast sends users local market updates on rental estimates and new rental listings directly to their inbox.
  • Portfolio tracking — RentCast allows you to add your entire rental portfolio to the platform and keep track of historical rent trends on an intuitive centralized dashboard.



RentCast Users Breakdown by Specialty


Is RentCast Legit?

Yes. RentCast is a legitimate rental property search and analysis solution that has been in service for more than two years.

Although the platform hasn’t been around for long, RentCast has grown popular, receiving hundreds of customer reviews across renowned SaaS review sites like G2 and TrustPilot.

Additionally, RentCast is a sister platform to DealCheck, a well-established and fully integrated property and deal analysis software.

Both platforms were created by the long-time real estate investor, Anton Ivanov.

RentCast also has an active social media presence on Facebook and Twitter where the company regularly provides users with software and company updates, along with real estate investment tips.

Altogether, users can be assured that RentCast is not a scam.



RentCast Customer Reviews

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RentCast Pricing

RentCast uses a straightforward pricing model that encourages all users to try out the platform. The platform currently offers two subscription plans:

  1. Free
  2. Pro



As the name would suggest, this is a free plan which allows users to access RentCast’s most basic services for free.

When you first join the platform, you will be on the Free plan by default until you upgrade to Pro. Here’s what you get on the Free subscription:

  • nationwide rent prices
  • 5 nearby rental comps
  • up to 5 properties in your portfolio
  • rent alerts
  • market updates

Due to the limited number of properties and rental comps, the Free plan is suitable for new real estate entrepreneurs looking to purchase their first rental properties.



This plan provides you with premium services for a fee of $19 per month, or $12/per month if you choose to be billed annually.

By subscribing to the Pro, you get all the services RentCast has to offer which include:

  • nationwide rent prices
  • 20 nearby rental comps
  • more than 50 properties in your portfolio
  • rental market insights
  • market performance trends
  • customizable PDF report branding
  • ability to send notifications to clients and property owners
  • rent alerts
  • market updates

You can upgrade from the Free plan to Pro at any time to unlock these features.



RentCast Coupon & Promo Codes

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RentCast Features

RentCast brings together rental property analysis, market research, and portfolio tracking into a centralized solution to help rental unit owners and managers understand local markets and maximize the cash flow.

Here are the platform’s main services.


Nationwide Searches

RentCast has more than 140 million commercial and residential rental properties across the US, with 500,000+ records being updated each day.

For investors, this means endless properties you can use for market research to compare rent prices and history.

The platform also has over 40,000 zip codes, so you can narrow down your searches to specific areas.

Furthermore, RentCast allows users to search for rental properties directly by entering the property address.

When you find a property, RentCast will provide the rent estimate for it as well as the surrounding rental units.


Rental Property Estimates

RentCast provides rent amount estimates for different types of properties, including:

  • single-family homes
  • condos
  • apartments
  • multi-family homes
  • townhouses

The estimates are accurate as they’re based on available public records, type of property, property size, number of rooms, and other data.

With accurate rent estimates, you can determine a suitable rent amount for your property.


Rental Comps

RentCast enables real estate investors and property managers to run instant rental Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) reports.

With the comps reports, you can accurately find out the rent for properties in an area and set the right amount when renewing existing leases or renting out vacant properties.

As a result, you can maximize cash flow and reduce vacancies across your units.

RentCast can also be used as an investment property analysis tool. It’s handy for those conducting their real estate investment property due diligence before purchasing a rental home.


Local Market Updates and Stats

By using the nationwide search and lookup module, users can quickly search for properties across any US zip code and analyze the market. Some of the data provided include:

  • average rent
  • listing statistics (location, property size, value, and others)
  • rent price history for specific properties
  • market composition analysis to find out which property types are more common in the area
  • market stats


Data Reporting

RentCast makes it possible to create professional property reports for downloading or sharing online.

Furthermore, with a RentCast Pro subscription, you can customize the PDF by adding your logo and other business branding.

The property reports are comprehensive and contain the following information:

  • estimated monthly rent
  • property address
  • property features (types, bedrooms and bathrooms, size in sq. feet.)
  • satellite image of the property
  • comparable rental listings
  • average rents for different types of properties in the zip code
  • historical rental performance for similar properties
  • rental trend summary
  • market composition


Portfolio Tracking

RentCast enables users to add their rental properties to the platform. The platform provides a central dashboard where users can keep track of the rent and leases for each property.

The dashboard automatically tracks rent history and trends for all your properties and provides a quick view of the data.


Rental Market Alerts and Updates

With RentCast, you can set real-time alerts for any changes in average rent within a specific area and the platform will notify you when it’s time to increase your rent.

In addition to that, you can get local market updates, rent estimates, and the most recent listings delivered straight to your inbox.

RentCase Pro users can also send market updates to their clients or property owners via email.



RentCast Pros and Cons


  • As a handy software tool for real estate investors, RentCast provides accurate nationwide data that is updated every day to optimize market research.
  • The platform is easy to use and does not have a learning curve.
  • There is a free plan which enables new investors to start out without spending too much.
  • RentCast provides a 14-day trial period when users can try out the platform and find out if it suits their needs.
  • RentCast’s reports are comprehensive and can be exported and shared.
  • The company has an affiliate program which allows you to earn a 30% recurring commission and cash bonuses for every new paying user you refer to the platform.





RentCast Integrations

  • DealCheck
  • Podio
  • Zapier
  • HubSpot
  • Zoho CRM
  • Salesforce
  • Slack
  • Google (Calendar, Gmail, Sheets, etc.)
  • Asana
  • LionDesk



RentCast Alternatives



RentCast Achievements

Awards & Recognition

Best Rental Property Analysis Software (Awarded by Real Estate Bees)

RentCast award


Press & Media



RentCast FAQs

Does RentCast have a free trial?

Yes. The platform offers a 14-day trial period when you can test out RentCast’s premium features and ensure they’re straight for you before subscribing to the service.

You will not be charged if you cancel within the trial period.


Who founded RentCast?

RentCast was founded in 2021 by Anton Ivanov, an active real estate investor with a portfolio of more than 40 rental units across the US.

Anton is also the founder of DealCheck, a renowned REI solution used for property and deal analysis as well as property acquisition.


What is RentCast’s customer service number?

RentCast does not provide a customer service line on its website.

However, users and prospective customers can reach out via the company’s “Contact Us” page, live chat system, or by sending an inquiry email to [email protected].


What is the RentCast cancellation and refund policy?

RentCast does not provide refunds for any subscription charges unless under unique circumstances.

Users can submit written refund requests to [email protected] with a detailed explanation of the reason for the request.

There are also no refunds if you choose to cancel your subscription.

Instead, if you end your subscription, you will be able to use the premium services until the end of the subscription period when you’ll be reverted to the free plan.



RentCast Tutorials & Training


Is RentCast Worth It?

Certainly. RentCast is an excellent solution for new and established landlords and property managers who are specifically looking for a rental property analysis solution.

The platform contains more than 140 million rental and commercial properties and over 40,000 zip codes to help with accuracy during market research.

Additionally, this residential and commercial property app is affordable, providing a completely free plan and a cheap premium plan that gives you access to all of the platform’s services.

Altogether, the RentCast app is a platform with few features. However, the services are well suited and optimized to help investors grow their portfolios and maximize profits.



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