Wholesaling Inc. Review 2023

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Wholesaling Inc Review

With the help of our in-house editorial team, our platform’s members and external subject matter experts, this comprehensive review of Wholesaling Inc. became possible and available for free to those considering this course!

In this review we evaluated Wholesaling Inc.’s curriculum, pricing, and other important aspects to help our readers make a more educated purchase decision.

All the customer reviews and ratings on this page have been submitted by our platform’s members who either currently use or used to use the reviewed product/service in the past. We never receive any compensation for the inclusion of products and/or services in our product/service reviews. However, by visiting retailer/manufacturer of the reviewed product/service by clicking links within our content may earn us commissions from your purchases. Read our editorial guidelines to learn more about our review and rating process.

— Kimberly Anderson, Senior Creative Editor at Real Estate Bees

What Is Wholesaling Inc?

Wholesaling Inc. is a real estate coaching brand that focuses on guiding members through the processes and strategies of property wholesaling.

To achieve this, Wholesaling Inc. offers students a mentorship program called TTP (Talk To People).

The TTP program is conducted virtually and requires a paid membership to enroll.

Although classes are predominantly delivered through on-demand training videos, Wholesaling Inc. offers various forms of learning, including in-person workshops, one-on-one coaching, and daily interactive live classes.

On paper, the Wholesaling Inc. program is a 3-month course, but members can complete it in their own time.



Who Is Wholesaling Inc For?


Who Is the Instructor of Wholesaling Inc?

Wholesaling Inc. was started in 2013 by Tom Krol, an established marketer and real estate investor with more than a decade of experience in flipping and wholesaling properties.

While Tom is the company founder, he doesn’t serve as a coach in the TTP mentorship program.

Instead, the program’s main coach is Brent Daniels, a wholesaling professional who was trained and mentored by Tom himself in 2017.

Since then, Brent Daniels has been the face of Wholesaling Inc. and the TTP training program.

He is a successful full-time real estate investor with a wholesaling business that brings in at least $1M every year. He is also the host of the Wholesaling Inc. Podcast.

As Talk To People’s main trainer, Brent teaches most of the course curriculum. Still, he is assisted by the following instructors and industry experts:

  • Lauren Hardy
  • Chris Arnold
  • Brent Bowers
  • Grace Mills

We couldn’t find information on these instructors’ expertise or portfolios.

In addition to the instructors, Brent also invites industry experts and established investors to coaching conference calls and live YouTube shows, which are part of the curriculum.



Is Wholesaling Inc Legit or a Scam?

Wholesaling Inc. is a legitimate program that has been around for over five years now.

Within that time, thousands of aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs have taken the course, indicating the program’s popularity within real estate circles.

Furthermore, there are plenty of testimonials on the company website and discussion forums like BiggerPockets and Reddit where members review wholesale real estate classes, including Wholesaling Inc.

Wholesaling Inc. also has a strong social media presence, particularly on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube where the brand has tens of thousands of followers.

Brent Daniels, the program’s main coach and founder, has an even larger following on his channels.

The company also has a hugely popular podcast, Wholesaling Inc. Podcast, which is the longest-running real estate investment podcast with over 1,000 episodes.

Based on this evidence, we can conclude that Wholesaling Inc. is not a scam.



Wholesaling Inc Customer Reviews

No customer reviews found



Wholesaling Inc Pricing

Wholesaling Inc. does not provide a clear price structure for the mentorship program. Prospective members have to go through an onboarding process to find out the program’s fees.

However, we were able to learn about the cost of the Wholesaling Inc. course from student testimonials on virtual real estate discussion forums, including BiggerPockets and Reddit.

To access the 90-day training program, you will be required to pay a one-time fee of $5,000.

This fee is not inclusive of add-on services offered within the program like access to lead lists and real estate investor skip tracing tools. Some of the services included in the course include:

  • one-on-one coaching with Brent Daniels, the main coach
  • daily live classes via Zoom
  • access to an exclusive wholesaler community
  • on-demand training videos

According to multiple student testimonials, Wholesaling Inc. offers special discounts throughout the year that lower the course fee.



Wholesaling Inc Coupon & Promo Codes

No promo codes found



How Does Wholesaling Inc Work?

Wholesaling Inc. offers a three-month training program that consists of several resources, from videos to one-on-one coaching with the main trainer, Brent Daniels.

Here are the resources you can access once you enroll for the course:

  • On-demand training videos — Once you become a Wholesaling Inc. Academy member, you will be able to access a vault of pre-recorded training videos. These videos take you through the entire training program and can be accessed anytime on any device.
  • One-on-one coaching — Brent Daniels provides his personal phone number to members. This means you can reach out to him at any time with inquiries about the course, real estate investment tips, or anything associated with wholesaling.
  • Access to the Wholesaling Inc. investor community — By paying for the Wholesaling Inc. course, you get access to an exclusive community of investors that have gone through the program and successfully started their wholesaling career. The online community, known as Rhino Tribe Community, has over a thousand real estate entrepreneurs and is a great networking channel for real estate investors across all levels of experience.
  • Weekly live show — Every Wednesday, Brent Daniels goes live on YouTube with other wholesaling experts, where they talk about wholesaling strategies and real estate in general. All live shows are saved on Brent’s YouTube channel and are accessible for free whether or not you’re a member.
  • Library of downloadable resources — The Wholesaling Inc. membership provides you with access to numerous contract templates, assignment agreements, checklists, action plans, and a cold-calling script. The documents can be exported for printing and are available even after completing the course.
  • Daily live interactive training and support — Wholesaling Inc. students get a chance to interact directly with Brent Daniels via Zoom calls from Monday to Thursday. The session is interactive, with open discussions on everything wholesaling-related, including wholesale real estate lead generation and conversion strategies, virtual wholesaling, financing strategies, and more.
  • Monthly workshops — Brent Daniels hosts live in-person workshops for Wholesaling Inc. members every month. Each workshop focuses on a particular topic and includes an industry expert on the selected subject matter. The workshops are interactive and students get a chance to ask questions and network at the end of the meeting.
  • Free wholesaling course — Before getting onboarded to the training program, you will be provided with a completely free course that covers the basics of wholesaling and what it takes to succeed in wholesaling. There are also several free videos selected from Brent Daniels’s YouTube channel. The videos serve as an introduction to the course, wholesaling, and real estate investing.
  • Lifetime membership and resource access — When you pay for the Wholesaling Inc. mentorship program, you automatically get access to lifetime membership. This means you will have access to the course resources, daily support Zoom calls, and the investor community even after completing the program.



What Is the Wholesaling Inc Curriculum?

We couldn’t find information on the Wholesaling Inc. curriculum. You have to book an onboarding call to find out the topics covered in the program.

We were, however, able to find out (on the company website) some of what the course covers:

Additionally, we were able to find the curriculum for the Wholesaling Inc. free course:

  • The Steps to Start Wholesaling
  • What it Takes To Succeed
  • How to Make $120k in the Next 12 Months



Wholesaling Inc Pros and Cons


  • The program has plenty of interactive sessions where you can speak directly with the real estate investor coaches, seek support, and network with other investors.
  • The lifetime membership allows you access to the course resources even after completing the program.
  • Brent Daniels provides his personal number to all members for tailored assistance and support.
  • There are numerous free resources, including YouTube videos, a free introductory wholesaling course, and an in-house podcast.
  • The program can be tailored depending on your level of experience (first-time wholesaler, full-time, and investors looking to scale).



  • There is no information on the program curriculum; you have to contact the company to find out the course curriculum and cost.



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Wholesaling Inc Achievements

Awards & Recognition

Best Real Estate Wholesaling Course (Awarded by Real Estate Bees)

Wholesaling Inc award

Press & Media



Wholesaling Inc FAQs

Does Wholesaling Inc. have a trial or money-back guarantee?

No. Wholesaling Inc. does not provide a free trial or money-back guarantee for new customers.

Instead, the company offers plenty of free resources to help you get acquainted with the program before you can commit to the paid course.


How many students have studied Wholesaling Inc.?

More than 2,000 real estate investors have taken the Wholesale Inc. mentorship program (TTP) since it was launched in 2017.


How to cancel Wholesaling Inc. and what is the refund policy?

According to the company website, students can terminate their subscription to the program at any time by deleting all course resources. Service termination will take effect immediately.

However, you won’t receive a refund for terminating the program before course completion.



Is Wholesaling Inc Worth It?

Yes. The Wholesaling Inc. program (TTP) can be used by investors across all levels of experience.

Whether you’re looking to land your first wholesaling deal, scale your business, or you’re a full-time investor, the program can be tailored based on your expertise.

Additionally, Wholesaling Inc. offers a lifetime membership which is great value for the money.

You can access all resources, including the exclusive investor community, which is an excellent networking tool for both new and established entrepreneurs.

The company’s real estate wholesaling podcast also hosts industry experts, which makes it a great source of learning as well as entertainment.

The only major downside to the program is that you have to book an onboarding call to find out what the course entails and how much you’ll have to pay.



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