Pro Wholesaler VIP Program Review 2023

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With the help of our in-house editorial team, our platform’s members and external subject matter experts, this comprehensive review of Pro Wholesaler VIP program became possible and available for free to those considering this course!

In this review we evaluated Pro Wholesaler VIP’s curriculum, pricing, and other important aspects to help our readers make a more educated purchase decision.

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— Kimberly Anderson, Senior Creative Editor at Real Estate Bees

What Is Pro Wholesaler VIP?

Pro Wholesaler VIP is an exclusive online real estate wholesaling training program that takes students through house flipping and wholesaling strategies.

The comprehensive program is provided by Real Estate Skills, a popular website that contains numerous real estate resources, including free and paid courses, real estate software reviews, and provides coaching calls, among others.

The Pro Wholesaler VIP program takes about six weeks, but users can complete it in their own time and have lifetime access to all training modules.



Who Is Pro Wholesaler VIP For?


Who Is the Instructor of Pro Wholesaler VIP?

The training program was created in 2018 by Alex Martinez, a popular real estate entrepreneur known for his all-in-one real estate investing website — Real Estate Skills.

Alex is a successful professional real estate investor with over a decade of experience in the wholesaling and house-flipping business.

The Pro Wholesaler VIP founder also serves as one of the course’s trainers.

Another Pro Wholesaler VIP trainer is Ryan Zomorodi, a co-founder of Real Estate Skills and a licensed real estate agent with robust experience as a marketer and entrepreneur in the real estate industry.

Both Pro Wholesaler VIP real estate coaches serve in the company’s day-to-day operations as CEO and COO, respectively.



Is Pro Wholesaler VIP Legit or a Scam?

Pro Wholesaler VIP is a legitimate real estate course that has been around for over half a decade and utilized by thousands of investors within that time.

The training program has received numerous user reviews and mentions on the company website, as well as on popular online real estate forums like BiggerPockets.

Furthermore, the provider of the course, Real Estate Skills, is well known in the real estate industry for offering a range of resources that include training programs, special discounts to third-party automation tools, access to the Investors Association, and more.

The company also has a strong and active social media presence, particularly on Instagram and YouTube where there are numerous videos on real estate investment tips.

Altogether, you can be assured that Pro Wholesaler VIP is not a scam.



Pro Wholesaler VIP Customer Reviews

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Pro Wholesaler VIP Pricing

Real Estate Skills does not provide a clear cost structure for its wholesaling training program.

Prospective students have to sign up and schedule an onboarding call to receive the Pro Wholesaler VIP price model.

We were, however, able to find out how much the training program costs from student reviews on online real estate forums.

Enrolling for Pro Wholesaler VIP requires a one-time investment of $5,800 and $7,800.

The company also allows students to make the payment in installments over an agreed number of months.



Pro Wholesaler VIP Coupon & Promo Codes

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How Does Pro Wholesaler VIP Work?

Pro Wholesaler VIP is a six-week training program that’s conducted fully online. The course is composed of four main components:

  • Video and audio tutorials — This is the main resource provided in the training program. All course modules are presented in high-resolution videos that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Audio versions are also available so you can take lessons while on the go.
  • Checklists, cheat sheets, scripts, and templates — Pro Wholesaler VIP comes with many email templates and checklists that are used when securing wholesaling deals. The course also provides a calling script.
  • Mentorship and support — When you enroll in the Pro Wholesaler VIP course, you get access to weekly Q&A coaching calls with one of your trainers. You can also access previous interviews, live streams, and case studies. There is also 24/7 live support to provide assistance when you encounter issues within the course.
  • Online community — Joining the Pro Wholesaler VIP class provides you with access to a private community of more than 300 wholesalers. There, you can network with investors with similar goals and challenges and grow your business as a result.

Once you have completed the Pro Wholesaler VIP course, you can access all the provided resources for life.

A Pro Wholesaler VIP membership also provides you with a full year of expert coaching from established entrepreneurs.



What Is the Pro Wholesaler VIP Curriculum?

The Pro Wholesaler VIP class takes six weeks and is broken down into six core modules and an additional bonus section.

  • Foundations and Mindset
  • Financing Partners and The Golden Ticket
  • Secrets of the Pro Wholesaler
  • Art of the Pro Wholesaler
  • Bullet Proof Offers and Platinum Platters
  • Closing, Systemizing and Scaling to 7 Figures
  • Q&A Mentor Call Recordings (Bonus)

Each module contains several resources, including videos, scripts, and email templates.


Foundations and Mindset

This is the introductory module of the Pro Wholesaler VIP course. As the name indicates, the module introduces students to the course and takes them through the basics of wholesaling to provide a general understanding of the business.

The Foundations and Mindset module contains four topics/videos:

  • Setting Your Foundations — In this section, students learn what the entire program covers and get tips on how to get the most out of the training program. You will also learn the raw math of wholesaling and how to achieve your financial goals.
  • The Evolution of a Real Estate Investor — This section takes students through the stages of evolution an investor goes through to build long-term wealth, from a pro wholesaler, to a house flipper, to a buy and holder, to a lender. You also learn the differences between typical wholesalers and professional wholesalers, as well as compare active and passive investing.
  • Mindset of a Pro Wholesaler — This section emphasizes the importance of having a solid business mindset and developing a self-concept as a professional wholesaler.


Financing Partners and The Golden Ticket

In this module, you will learn quick and effective ways to find cash buyers for wholesaling real estate without spending any money.

Besides finding real estate investors, you will also learn how to acquire Proof of Funds at zero cost. The Financing Partners section contains four topics:

  • Financing Partners 101 — Here, you will learn what a financing partner is and the key distinctions between a financing partner and a cash buyer. You will also find out how you can find financing partners and the biggest misconceptions associated with financing partners.
  • Financing Partners 201 — This section teaches you how to talk to financial partners to find out what type of properties they prefer. You will learn the questions to ask to determine a financial partner’s buying criteria and get a downloadable Financial Partner Lead Sheet.
  • The Golden Ticket — This section explains why Proof of Funds (POF) is the most important element of getting a financing partner or lender. You will learn how to get a POF verification letter from a financing partner or hard money lender. Additionally, this section contains several downloadable resources, including a POF verification letter template.
  • Real Estate Investor Association (REIA) Meetings — In this section, you learn what REIA and real estate investment club meetings are and why they are important for a professional wholesaler. The section explains the importance of networking, how to find REIA meetings near you, what to wear to the meetings, and setting up your first meeting.


Secrets of the Pro Wholesaler

This module guides you on how to access the MLS database to find motivated sellers there. You will learn how to find houses to flip and find homes to wholesale on the MLS.

Students can also access the Pro Wholesaler Discovery Call Script, the company’s call script which has been proven and tested with over 10,000 calls and can be used by yourself or by cold calling services for real estate investors you may hire.

There are 14 topics/videos in the Secrets of the Pro Wholesaler module. The following are the module’s key topics:

  • Getting access to the MLS
  • How to get leads for wholesaling homes from the MLS and filter them
  • An overview of how to effectively communicate with agents on the MLS
  • The pro wholesaler communication and building rapport process (4-step video tutorials)
  • Introduction to the Discovery Call Script
  • A motivated seller questionnaire
  • Key questions to ask about the deal
  • How to build credibility and authority using the Discovery Call Script


Art of the Pro Wholesaler

Section Four explains how to analyze deals to get the most value and generate the largest wholesaler fee possible. There are 7 topics included in the module and they include:

  • Methods and tools to analyze investment properties in the MLS
  • Analyzing the after-repair value (ARV)
  • What to do if you cannot find Comps for the ARV
  • Analyzing the repair costs (a downloadable repair cheat sheet is included)
  • Introduction to the Deal Calculator Tool (Downloadable deal calculator tool included)
  • Deal Calculator in-depth training
  • Determining your wholesale fee


Bullet Proof Offers and Platinum Platters

Section Five covers everything to do with the contracts associated with wholesale deals.

You will learn how to submit solid offers to motivated sellers and the documents required in a real estate wholesaling deal. There are 5 topics within this section.

  • How to structure your contracts and offers — This video provides an overview of the documents required when submitting an offer. The documents are to provide proof that there are funds available to make the purchase and that you can legally sign the contract.
  • Pro Wholesaler offer terms — This topic helps you learn how to write offer terms before sending an offer.
  • Required documents — This video provides a deeper look into the required documents once you are ready to submit an offer. A downloadable MLS Offer Submission Necessities document is available in this module.
  • Pro Wholesaler offer terms, submission, and contract — This video is a walkthrough of the Offer Terms email template. The template is readily available for download.
  • Delivering the deal — Here, you will learn how to create a concise yet detailed deal to send to your financing partner or cash buyer. Pro Wholesaler VIP provides a downloadable email template (Platinum Platter) to guide you in writing up a deal that’s free of fluff.


Closing, Systemizing and Scaling to 7 Figures

In the last module, investors are taught how to close deals, systemize the entire wholesaling process, and scale the wholesale business to generate seven figures and beyond. The module contains the following topics:

  • Closing the deal and getting paid — This video shows you how to assign your contract to financial partners.
  • Managing the closing process — Here, you’ll learn how to collect your wholesale check.
  • The Agreement — This video goes over the agreement you use with your financing partner to attain your wholesaler fee. The Agreement template is available for download.
  • Systemizing and scaling to a 7-figure business — The section explains the importance of networking with other Pro Wholesaler VIP members and hiring them as part of your scaling strategy. There is an Acquisition Associate Agreement template to help you in the recruitment process.


Q&A Mentor Call Recordings

As a member of Pro Wholesaler VIP, you will get access to a full year of coaching and mentorship from industry experts. This is done in several ways:

  • Live monthly Q&A calls with Pro Wholesaler Mentors
  • Access to a private Facebook group (Mastermind Community) with established investors
  • Access to all previous live Q&A calls (over 60 hours of high-quality video).



Pro Wholesaler VIP Pros and Cons


  • As one of the best real estate wholesaling courses, Pro Wholesaler VIP provides 24/7 support to all its members.
  • Students have lifetime access to resources (videos, documents, and real estate wholesaler software tools) after completing the course.
  • You don’t require any licenses to take the Pro Wholesaler VIP course.
  • Besides the wholesaling and house flipping courses, there are numerous resources for investors, including a free training video on the company website and a YouTube channel dedicated to guiding investors on wholesaling and flipping.


  • The program is expensive compared to similar courses.



Pro Wholesaler VIP Alternatives



Pro Wholesaler VIP Achievements

Awards & Recognition

Best Real Estate Wholesaling Course (Awarded by Real Estate Bees)

Pro Wholesaler VIP award

Press & Media



Pro Wholesaler VIP FAQs

Does Pro Wholesaler VIP have a trial or money-back guarantee?

No. However, the company provides a free wholesaling and house flipping video guide when you sign up for the program.


How many students have studied Pro Wholesaler VIP?

We couldn’t find any reliable information on the number of students Pro Wholesaler VIP has taught.

Still, the program’s private Facebook community has over 300 active members, indicating a significant client base.


How to cancel Pro Wholesaler VIP and what is the refund policy?

We couldn’t find solid information on the company’s cancellation and refund policy.



Is Pro Wholesaler VIP Worth It?

Yes. Pro Wholesaler VIP is a comprehensive program that takes students through the entire process of wholesaling property — from finding distressed properties to closing deals and growing your business.

Because of this, the course is perfectly tailored for both new (students and zero-experience investors who are only starting wholesaling or flipping houses as a career) and experienced entrepreneurs.

According to numerous users, the course is also highly effective in helping investors find and close deals, with some entrepreneurs closing deals in as little as 45 days since joining the course.

The only major downside to the program is its high cost which may not be suitable for entrepreneurs who are just starting their fix and flip business or starting to wholesale homes.

However, although the course is expensive, students get lifetime access to all course material.



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