Clever Investor Mentoring Review 2023

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With the help of our in-house editorial team, our platform’s members and external subject matter experts, this comprehensive review of Clever Investor became possible and available for free to those considering this course!

In this review we evaluated Clever Investor’s curriculum, pricing, and other important aspects to help our readers make a more educated purchase decision.

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— Kimberly Anderson, Senior Creative Editor at Real Estate Bees

What Is Clever Investor?

Clever Investor is a real estate training brand that helps new and established real estate investors grow and scale their businesses.

To make this possible, the brand provides numerous courses, expert masterclasses, mentorship programs, and one-on-one classes.

Besides paid real estate education, Clever Investor is also equipped with plenty of free resources and software tools to create a full learning experience for all investors.

The training program was created by Cody Sperber, a highly successful full-time real estate investor, and is conducted virtually.



Who Is Clever Investor For?


Who Is the Instructor of Clever Investor?

Clever Investor was founded by Cody Sperber and Matt Leitz.

Both co-founders are successful real estate entrepreneurs with more than a decade of experience investing in real estate and over 1,000 real estate transactions in their resumes.
Cody serves as company CEO, while Matt is President.

Besides being Clever Investor founder and CEO, Cody is also the main coach at the company.

Other trainers involved in the program are real estate experts and professionals and include:

  • Alice A.
  • Alisa L.
  • Brian C.
  • Dave V.
  • Dennis F.
  • Nancy G.

Renowned real estate investor and public figure Josh Altman was also an instructor in the brand’s early stages.

He co-wrote a book with Cody titled, Your First Million in Real Estate, which is available on Amazon.



Is Clever Investor Legit or a Scam?

Clever Investor is a legitimate real estate coaching brand that has been around since 2010, with physical headquarters in Tempe, Arizona.

Since its launch, the Clever Investor program has grown to become one of the most renowned real estate education programs in the U.S.

There are currently over 3,500 active investors using the program’s resources. Clever Investor has also received many mentions and testimonials online, most of which are positive.

Additionally, Clever Investor’s founder, Cody Sperber, is a public figure who has appeared on numerous podcasts and video interviews on YouTube.

The Clever Investor brand also has an active social media presence with active profiles across popular social websites, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

There, you can access interviews, company updates, and tutorials on how various programs work.

Altogether, we found more than enough to prove Clever Investor is not a scam.



Clever Investor Customer Reviews

No customer reviews found



Clever Investor Pricing

Clever Investor’s prices vary depending on the resource you choose.

The company has a wide range of premium resources that consist of property investment courses, memberships, mentoring programs, and real estate software solutions.

Unfortunately, Clever Investor isn’t transparent with some of the costs of their products. Still, we were able to find out the cost estimates from customer reviews online.


PRO Membership

To become a PRO member of Clever Investor, you will have to join a monthly subscription plan for $97 each month (paid monthly, annually, or in 6-month bundles). A 30-day free trial is available for PRO membership.

By joining PRO, you get access to the Clever Investor’s entire library of resources of on-demand training videos, webinars with real estate experts, access to an exclusive investor community, and much more.

PRO members also have access to Clever Investor courses, which would otherwise be purchased separately.


Clever Investor Course Prices

Clever Investor offers several stand-alone courses targeted toward specific real estate topics and areas of interest.

There are individual classes for wholesaling, closing your first deal, negotiating tactics, and more. Here are some of the programs and how much they cost:

  • Clever Investor Fast Track 2.0 for $297
  • 30-day Challenge for $97
  • Quick Flips for Big Profit for $197
  • Negotiation and Influence for $97

Note that you can access the courses without purchasing them individually by joining the PRO membership.


Clever Investor Mentoring Cost

Mentoring prices vary based on the mentorship program you choose. The company currently offers three programs, all of which you have to apply to to join:

  • Personal one-on-one coaching
  • Elite group mentoring
  • Avengers Real Estate Mastermind

Clever Investor doesn’t provide the prices for its mentorship programs, but user reviews online suggest that prices vary from $7,000 to $14,000.


Clever Investor Software Pricing

Clever Investor has two main real estate investor software offerings:

  • AI-powered lead generation tool that costs between $5,000 and $20,000, depending on the package you choose
  • Deal Automator tool for $99 per month, plus a $249 one-time setup fee
  • Real estate skip tracing service for $0.95 per hit (single skip trace) or $0.16 per hit for bulk real estate skip tracing



Clever Investor Coupon & Promo Codes

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How Does Clever Investor Work?

When you join Clever Investor as a learner, you will have access to several forms of learning resources.

Unfortunately, the company does not provide in-depth information on how the program works or how it’s carried out, but we were able to find out from user reviews online.

  • Clever Investor PRO membership — This is a subscription-based membership that gives you access to real estate investment and real estate wholesaling courses and other learning materials without having to purchase them separately. Becoming a member also gives you access to an exclusive community of investors for support and networking purposes.
  • On-demand training videos and audio — Being a virtual training program, Clever Investor classes are mainly conducted via pre-recorded coaching videos and audio. In the videos, different instructors take you through various topics and areas of interest.
  • Reading material — In addition to video resources, there are also many real estate investing books, PDFs, and written presentations you can access on Clever Investor. Some are freely available on the website, while others have to be purchased.
  • One-on-one coaching — Some of the courses offered (like the 30-day Deal Challenge) at Clever Investor feature one-on-one calls with a dedicated real estate investor coach.
  • Webinars — A few times each month, Clever Investor students have conference calls with other mentees conducted by in-house instructors or outsourced industry experts.
  • Contract Library — Cody’s Iron Clad Contracts include all the essential contract templates you will need for your investments. The templates can be downloaded for free on the company website.
  • Masterclasses and summits — Clever Investor hosts masterclasses and company summits about twice each year. The in-person event features PRO members and other students taking different courses. To attend a summit or masterclass, you will need to apply and pay certain fees.
  • REI terms glossary — Here, you will find common terms used in real estate investing together with their definitions. The glossary is free and available on the company website.



What Is the Clever Investor Curriculum?

Clever Investor offers a wide range of courses, mentorship classes, and software resources in its curriculum. The following are some of the most essential resources provided.



  • 30-Day Challenge — This course guides you on closing a deal within 30 days. The class is conducted by Cody and takes you through the entire process of closing a deal, from finding distressed properties, and negotiating with various types of motivated sellers to contracts and closing. The course takes 30 days, but you will continue to have access after that.
  • Clever Investor Fast Track 2.0 — The Fast Track program is a comprehensive 6-week course that focuses on building and scaling your real estate business. It contains a wide range of resources that include videos, forms, legal contracts, Q&As, and much more.
  • Negotiation and Influence — This Clever Investor class focuses on the approaches and tactics used when speaking to motivated sellers. You will learn the art of negotiation, how to build rapport and foster strong relationships, and how to overcome common objections.


Mentorship Programs

  • Elite Group Mentoring — This is a 6-month mentorship program hosted by Cody Sperber and Cole Hatter. The program consists of weekly Zoom meetings where you’ll be meeting and speaking with the hosts as they guide you on your ongoing deals.
  • Avengers Real Estate Mastermind — This in-person mentorship class occurs every year and takes two days. The program is hosted by some of the most successful and renowned real estate investors, including Cody Sperber, Jamil Damji, Cole Hatter, and others. Guests change from year to year.
  • Personal one-on-one coaching — For new investors looking to become full-time real estate entrepreneurs, Clever Investor offers a personal one-on-one coaching experience. You will have a personal real estate coach to guide you on how to close more deals each month.





Clever Investor Pros and Cons


  • According to multiple user reports, Clever Investor’s programs are quite comprehensive.
  • There are weekly group calls where you can ask questions and seek support for areas that you don’t understand.
  • The exclusive community enables you to network with top real estate investors in the country.
  • There are lenders and service providers on the system to help fund deals and conduct repairs.
  • Besides learning materials, there are software solutions (including a full-suite real estate investor CRM, lead generation service, and more) to support and automate business processes.



  • There are several complaints of unauthorized charges on customers’ credit cards.
  • Clever Investor has received negative reviews for unresponsive customer support.
  • Some customers have reported that the company refused to provide refunds.



Clever Investor Alternatives



Clever Investor Achievements

Awards & Recognition

Best Real Estate Investing Course (Awarded by Real Estate Bees)

Clever Investor award

Press & Media



Clever Investor FAQs

What is the Clever Investor net worth?

Cody Sperber, commonly known as ‘The Clever Investor,’ has an estimated net worth of $18 million as of 2021.

He amassed his wealth by selling property and building passive income streams through rental properties.


Does Clever Investor have a trial or money-back guarantee?

Each Clever Investor course and tool has its own trial and guarantee policy, as indicated in the company’s Terms of Service page.

Still, Clever Investor offers a free 30-day trial period for the PRO membership program when you purchase one of the company’s courses.

After the free period is over, you will be required to pay $97 per month to maintain your membership and continue accessing PRO benefits.

There’s also a 30-day free trial period for PRO membership if you purchase a 6-month or 12-month membership subscription.


How many students have studied via Clever Investor?

We couldn’t find reliable information on the number of investors that have taken Clever Investor’s courses.

However, the company’s private Facebook community (made up of Clever Investor PRO members) has over 3,600 members, indicating the program’s wide reach.


How to cancel Clever Investor and what is the refund policy?

Clever Investor students can terminate their accounts by sending a written request to the company’s support email at [email protected] at least three days before the next billing date.

There are no refunds outside of the free trial period. To request a refund, contact the company through the support email 3 to 5 days before the next billing.



Is Clever Investor Worth It?

There’s no straight answer here.

Clever Investor has tailored its courses to cater to investors across levels of experience, which is great.

Whether you’re a new investor looking to close deals more consistently or an experienced veteran looking to network or grow, there’s a course that matches your needs.

Furthermore, Clever Investor is relatively affordable compared to similar training programs such as Freedom Mentor Apprentice.

Both the stand-alone courses and membership program are cost-friendly, even for those just starting a house flipping business.

Still, the platform has received criticism for unauthorized charges on users’ credit cards, poor customer support, and failure to provide refunds.



Clever Investor Contacts




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