Top 6 Website Builders and Templates for Real Estate Investors and Wholesalers

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Best Website Templates and Builders for Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Bees’ editorial team asked a number of industry-leading real estate investors to share their expertise on the best websites for their business to help our readers make a more educated purchase decision when researching available solutions.

With the help of the experts, we identified the best websites for real estate investors and evaluated their features and pricing information. Visiting retailers of the listed products by clicking links within our content may earn us commissions from your purchases, but we never receive any compensation for the inclusion of products and/or services in our consumer guides. Read our editorial guidelines to learn more about our review and rating process.

— Kimberly Anderson, Senior Creative Editor at Real Estate Bees
Table of Contents

In this guide, we will help you select the best real estate investing website builder for your fix and flip, wholesale real estate, or rental business.

We will review several companies that provide templates of interactive real estate investor websites including the pricing and pros and cons of each.

Read below to make an educated choice.


#1 Carrot

Carrot Real Estate Investor Websites LogoSIGN UP NOW

Carrot began as a real estate investment company before its focus shifted to building websites for real estate investors.

Carrot or Investor Carrot has grown to become one of the premier tools for real estate investors to generate leads.

Through their real estate investor websites, they’ve helped generate over 1.2 million real estate leads in the last five years.


Investor Carrot Website Templates and Pricing

Carrot offers different websites that range in price depending on whether you’re a real estate agent or a real estate investor.

Investor Carrot’s Core plan goes for $69 per month or $660. Other website plans are Content Pro which costs $99 monthly or $924 for a year, and Advanced Marketer which is priced at $199 per month or $1,908 for a year.

The website design templates are available when you register on any of the plans. However, you get more premium real estate investor website templates on the Advanced Marketer plan.

Check out the complete list of features and pricing on the official website.


Pros and Cons


  • One of the most appealing features of Investor Carrot is its simplicity. It greatly simplifies the web design process by providing you with all necessary elements. Just customize them.
  • To facilitate getting a stable flow of motivated seller leads, Carrot offers comprehensive content marketing features to its users.
  • You can schedule blog posts, track marketing campaigns you run on your website, and track SEO rankings.



  • One big downside is that Carrot does not offer a wide choice of website design themes to its Core and Content Pro users.
  • There are tons of investor websites built under these packages that look almost the same.
  • Furthermore, Investor Carrot’s platform cannot integrate external plugins, so it is not flexible enough for working with some of the best real estate wholesaling software tools as far as website design is concerned.



For building real estate investor websites, here is how we score Carrot:

  • Pricing: A-. The platform offers significant value for its price.
  • Ease of Use: A+. Carrot is one of the simplest wholesaling real estate website builders to use.
  • Features and Layout: C. Carrot does not allow third-party plugins and addons. However, you can integrate your leads with third-party real estate wholesaling CRM systems. You do not have access to a lot of themes unless you are on the Advanced Marketer plan.
  • Customer Support: A. Carrot offers great support to their customers, especially those on Content Pro or Advanced Marketer plans. Customers have access to onboarding support, coaching calls, live chat, and marketing strategy reviews from Carrot specialists.



#2 REI Blackbook


Apart from being one of the leading website builders for real estate investors, REI Blackbook also offers other products.

They include: one of the best CRM tools for real estate investors, business phone systems, marketing automation, property marketing, and real estate pipeline management.

REI Blackbook also offers a tool for sending real estate investor text messages to leads.


REI Blackbook Website Templates And Pricing

The real estate wholesaling websites offered by REI Blackbook are very effective for real estate investor lead generation. There are three website packages offered by the platform, each with its own perks.

There is Solopreneur for $97 per month or $972 for a year. Small Business is $197 per month or $1,908 per year. The Small Business package is also the most popular.

The last package is Accelerator which costs $297 per month or $2,976 for a year.

Check out the complete list of features and pricing on the official website.


There are a number of website types investors can choose from. You can design your website based on your specific real estate business strategy or lead generation method.

The different real estate investor website types offered include:

  • Seller Website
  • Buyer Website
  • Rent-to-Own Website
  • Rental Website
  • Rental Property Listings Website
  • Cash Buyer Website
  • General Business Website


Pros and Cons


  • REI Blackbook features marketing automation workflows, such that after generating a new lead, a series of workflows can be automatically triggered to follow up with your lead.
  • It is also highly customizable.



  • It has a steeper learning curve compared to Carrot.
  • A real estate investor simply looking to build a basic website would find REI Blackbook an expensive option.



  • Pricing: A-. REI Blackbook is quite expensive to use, however, it delivers a great deal of value for its price
  • Ease of Use: B-. As a wholesale real estate investor website builder, REI Blackbook is quite complicated to use.
  • Features and Layout: B+. REI Blackbook has more features than Investor Carrot. The platform also offers more customizable templates than Investor Carrot.
  • Customer Support: B. REI Blackbook offers a free trial period to customers on the Small Business and Accelerator packages. Although it’s a good option for investors starting a home flipping business, REI Blackbook do not provide the level of coaching support offered by Investor Carrot.



#3 REI Leadz

REI Leadz Real Estate Investor Websites LogoSTART FREE TRIAL

The company owned by Gabriel Contreras operates a slightly different model from other real estate investor website builders.

There are no monthly fees on the platform. The REI Leadz’s business model has been likened to order delivery.

For a one-time payment of $197, you’ll be able to design your own website using the templates available on REI Leadz.

When you order a website on the platform, you have access to email notification setup, default website content, funnel form set up, and already written blog posts.


REI Leadz Website Templates And Pricing

Unlike other real estate investor website builders, REI Leadz does not offer different website plans.

After buying your domain name and hosting elsewhere, REI Leadz provides you with real estate wholesale website templates that you buy once for $197.

Check out the complete list of features and pricing on the official website.


Pros and Cons


  • Working with any of the three website templates on REI Leadz, the platform makes the real estate website design process super easy.
  • The platform is super cheap, with a one-time payment. The websites come with an in-built SEO plugin to help clients outrank their competitors.



  • In comparison with other website builders, REI Leadz does not offer a wide range of features. Other real estate investor website builders offer features like autoresponder, backend CRM, or cold calling dialers for real estate investors. REI Leadz offers none of those.



  • Pricing: A+. It is probably the cheapest real estate investor website builder since you own your own website and there are no recurring monthly costs.
  • Ease of Use: A+. The platform is very easy to use. REI Leadz automatically sets up the website after the client has provided the domain and hosting information.
  • Features and Layout: C. With just three templates, there are not a lot of design templates to choose from. REI Leadz also does not offer many features like REI Blackbook or Investor Carrot.
  • Customer Support: D. They don’t provide much customer service, but they do offer training videos to clients. Other platforms offer 24/7 phone support or email support, REI Leadz does not.



#4 REI/Kit


REI/Kit is a company that offers online and offline solutions for wholesale real estate listings.

They provide services like software for real estate wholesalers, wholesaling websites, email marketing automation, and a CRM.

They also deliver offline marketing solutions such as cold calling, text messaging campaigns, ringless voicemails, and direct mail for real estate investors.

Essentially, they provide tools for helping generate real estate investor leads.


REI/Kit Website Templates And Pricing

There are 3 packages on REI/Kit named Marketing Starter, Marketing Success, and Marketing Scale.

Marketing Starter is available for $64 per month, Marketing Success for $104 per month, and Marketing Scale for $204 per month.

REI/Kit allows you to build a conversion-focused, SEO optimized real estate investor website within minutes.

Websites are generated from a content library in REIKit and can be customized to fit your needs as an investor.

REI/Kit offer skip tracing services for real estate investors as a part of each package.

Check out the complete list of features and pricing on the official website.


Pros and Cons


  • REI/Kit provides everything a real estate investor needs for marketing in one place. One of their most popular offerings is the rehab cost estimator for flipping houses.



  • The websites and landing pages are not as robust and customizable as some of its competitors.
  • The platform is not as user-friendly as competitors.



  • Pricing: A. For the amount of value they deliver, REI/Kit is inexpensive.
  • Ease of Use: C. The platform offers many features that may make it complex to use.
  • Design and Features: C. The templates on REI/Kit are not as robust and customizable as some of the other companies’ templates.
  • Customer Support: A. As a platform that offers different features, they offer tremendous customer support.



#5 Lead Propeller

Lead Propeller Real Estate Investor Websites Logo


Lead Propeller was founded by an elite real estate investor, Danny Johnson, who is also the creator of Forefront CRM.

He also founded Flippingjunkie podcast, offering strategies to help you find motivated seller leads and other advice for your wholesaling or house flipping career.

With over 1,400 websites built, Lead Propeller is a company constantly evolving with cutting-edge website building solutions.

The features offered by Lead Propeller include:

  • fast web hosting
  • free unlimited professional email addresses
  • search engine optimized default content
  • text auto-responder
  • text notifications
  • CRM for lead management


Lead Propeller Website Templates and Pricing

Lead Propeller offers templates based on the type of fix and flip or wholesale real estate leads the client wants. The customizable website types available on Lead Propeller are for:

While there aren’t a large number of templates to choose from, users get increased customization options.

They can choose between Modern, Grand, Sharp, Contemporary, Clean and Rocket designs.

Packages include: Starter, priced at $49 per month, Professional which costs $79 per month, and Franchisor which goes for $299.

Study the complete list of features and pricing on the official website.


Pros and Cons


  • Lead Propeller allows you to easily create landing pages.
  • It also features a backend CRM for lead management.
  • Unlike Investor Carrot, Lead Propeller allows you to integrate WordPress and other third-party plugins on your website.



  • The major downside to using Lead Propeller is that you don’t own your domain name if you build on Lead Propeller, so if your subscription ends, Lead Propeller takes ownership of the domain.



  • Pricing: A. For the kind of value they provide, Lead Propeller is quite inexpensive.
  • Ease of Use: B+. Lead Propeller is simple to use, as it does not require extensive tech knowledge.
  • Features and Layout: A-. Lead Propeller offers some of the best features you can find in a real estate investor website builder. One of the selling points for Lead Propeller is the beautiful website templates available.
  • Customer Support: A. The company offers 24/7 support to its clients. There is also live chat support available on the website.

#6 InvestorPro

InvestorPro logo


InvestorPro is a family-owned company created by Lynn Hann and his wife Tammy. Prior to creating real estate investor websites, they started out as real estate investors.

InvestorPro’s websites include the following features:

  • Business Email Address
  • Auto-responder. Prospective clients receive automated follow-up messages.
  • Search engine optimization tools
  • Property listings. The real estate investor’s properties will be listed on the statewidehomes.com property listing website.


InvestorPro Website Templates And Pricing

InvestorPro’s plans are Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The Bronze plan offers a 10-page website, while the Silver Plan offers approximately a 45-page website with 8 lead-generating forms.

The Gold plan offers a 50-page website and 10 lead generation forms.

The Bronze plan goes for a monthly fee of $39, the Silver plan goes for $49 monthly, and the Gold plan costs $59 monthly.

However, there is a setup fee of $95 that cuts across all plans.

Study the complete list of features and pricing on the official website.


Pros and Cons


  • Currently, there are 43 website templates on InvestorPro. In terms of the number of template options, InvestorPro is currently the best website builder for real estate investors.
  • With BackOffice Pro, InvestorPro makes lead management easier. This feature comes with a property listing manager that makes listing properties easy.



  • InvestorPro has a poor user experience and interface that makes it quite difficult to use.
  • The web design style is seriously outdated.



  • Pricing: A+. InvestorPro is one of the cheapest real estate investor website builders available.
  • Ease of Use: C. They include several real estate website templates. However, the platform is not easily navigable due to the poor user interface, and you may still have to involve a web design expert.
  • Features and Design: C. InvestorPro offers quite a number of features to clients, guided by their many years of experience in building real estate investor websites. However, their design style has been in need of update since the mid-2000s.
  • Customer Support: A. They offer phone support, email support, and online support to their clients.

#7 Real Estate Bees



We at Real Estate Bees are also working on a revolutionary website solution for real estate investors.

Besides being optimized for motivated seller lead generation, fresh and modern design, user-friendly interface, and other essential tools and elements, our website solution offers unique features built in:

  • Your own off-market investment property marketplace
  • Syndication
  • Reciprocity Network

The online property marketplace allows you to list properties you are selling right on your website. This will help you dispose of your fixed or wholesale property quicker.

Add to this the Syndication feature that will automatically show your listings on multiple other online marketplaces to expand your reach tremendously.

Reciprocity Network boosts this even more. If you choose to enable this feature, your listings will be shown on additional off-market real estate listing platforms.

At the same time, off-market property listings by other Reciprocity Network participants will show on your marketplace.

The participants of Reciprocity Network advertising your properties may include not only investors, but also other professionals serving them such as mortgage brokers and hard money lenders.

The Real Estate Bees website solution for real estate investors is still in development. Join the waiting list by contacting us now to get extra benefits as one of the first users.



About the Author:

Oleg Donets is a serial entrepreneur, technology and digital marketing strategist with a solid track record. Since 2013, he has been successfully helping numerous startups and established companies from a wide range of industries to launch, grow and scale their businesses by utilizing his innovative technology solutions and progressive marketing strategies. Oleg is a founder of Real Estate Bees, a cutting-edge technology & marketing platform for the real estate industry. Oleg is also a proud business mentor at SCORE, the nation’s largest nonprofit organization and a resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration.